Why mingo?

We created mingo for one simple reason, help people have the best travel experience they can, wherever they are. 

Through our years at Traveller Collective, the one thing people are always asking is about travel advice. Best place to find it? Who to trust? Why does it take so long?

For us, we wanted to create a solution. A way we could get all our questions answered about where we were going, but not spend hours trying to scour the internet to find it. And who better to provide these answers than locals. 


With travel advice, there's a fee things we know for sure...

1) The best advice always comes from locals. 


We created mingo with a rebellious spirit and lofty goal. Help people around the world live their true travel experience.  Like most  

There's so much travel advice out there, its tough 

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. Getting good travel advice is hard. Planning a trip  

We've always felt trip planning could be easier. 


We had become tired getting out travel tips from Karen know knows the best places to go in Paris after her 3-day trip there 15 years ago. 

We want our travel advice from a true Parisian, who lives and breathes the city everyday and can truly give as the advice we need. 

We created mingo as an alternative to the norm. A way to travel better and make our lives easier in the process. 

Happy Travels from the folks over at Traveller Collective, the creators of mingo.